JCF Corp Journals

About Us

JCF Corp is a leading provider of consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses in the publishing industry.  We operate state-of-the-art facilities in Singapore embedded in accordance with international standards. We provide a wide range of services to the academic and scholar communities like publishing journals, backing for organizing conferences, and finding the right partner for their business-be it upbringing every phase of a journal, publishing articles, or running conferences. We provide authors with scientific and language editing services, as well as assistance in getting their manuscripts published in the best journals.

JCF Corp is a service provider turned publisher with over 9 years of experience as a service provider and about 5 years of experience as an open-access publisher.

At JCF Corp, we are committed to providing scientific knowledge to scholars around the world. We believe in making science easier and accessible to all.


You will become a part of the community that supports a global audience when you edit, peer review, or publish with a JCF Corp Journal. You’ll be able to share your findings, ideas, and opinions with a global audience. This way, we can maximize the visibility, reach, and impact of your research by working together.

All of our journals are managed by dedicated Editors who are active in the communities they serve and can be found in the world’s most prestigious scientific indexes.