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JCF Corp is a leading provider of consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses in the publishing industry.  We operate state-of-the-art facilities in Singapore embedded in accordance with international standards. We provide a wide range of services to the academic and scholar communities like publishing journals, backing for organizing conferences, and finding the right partner for their business-be it upbringing every phase of a journal, publishing articles, or running conferences. We provide authors with scientific and language editing services, as well as assistance in getting their manuscripts published in the best journals.

JCF Corp is a service provider turned publisher with over 9 years of experience as a service provider and about 5 years of experience as an open-access publisher.

At JCF Corp, we are committed to providing scientific knowledge to scholars around the world. We believe in making science easier and accessible to all.

The Review of

The RDS supports and encourages research in biomedical diabetes-related science including areas such as endocrinology, immunology, epidemiology, genetics, cell-based research, developmental research, bioengineering and disease management. The journal publishes original manuscripts on laboratory research, clinical and empirical studies, case and conference reports as well as review and theoretical articles and offers an open forum for immediate discussion of recent advancements by letters and comments.

Abbreviation title: Rev Diabet Stud

Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN print edition: 1613-6071

ISSN online edition: 1614-0575

Editor-in-Chief: Demosthenes Panagiotakos

The Review of Diabetic Studies
J Venom Res
Journal of

The journal (ISSN: 2044-0324) will publish high-quality peer-reviewed articles addressing most aspects of therapeutic, molecular, biochemical, and evolutionary research on venoms, and envenomation. The journal aims at providing an efficient route to fast-track publication, within 10-12 weeks of manuscript submission if accepted. Furthermore, manuscripts will be made available online in their final form generally within 2-3 weeks of final acceptance.

Manuscripts in the following categories will be considered for publication: reviews, mini-reviews, research articles, research reports, research letters, clinical reports,case studies, new methods and protocols, meeting reports and commercial, patent and product news, and editorials (inquiries to the Editor).

Abbreviation Title:  J Venom Res

Frequency: Annually

ISSN online edition: 2044-0324

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Edward G Rowan


Pharmacy Practice is a free available, open access, peer-reviewed journal with a scope on pharmacy practice. All the articles are free-access without delay (no embargo period). Pharmacy Practice is published using a continuous flow system with four issues quarterly closed.

Although focusing on the practice of pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice covers a wide range of pharmacy activities, such as, pharmaceutical care, social pharmacy, pharmacy education, process and outcome research, clinical pharmacy, health promotion and education, health informatics, and pharmacoepidemiology, as well as many others.

Abbreviation title: Pharm Pract (Granada)

Frequency: Quarterly

ISSN print edition: 1885-642X

ISSN online edition: 1886-3655

Editor-in-Chief:  Asim Ahmed Elnour

Pharmacy Practice